Starting judo as a quiet, shy, six year old in the small Scottish town where my gran and granddad lived I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would be on a worldwide coaching site sharing my hints and tips on how to become a successful judoka.

In fact I couldn't really have imagined any of the wonderful experiences that I have had in my life in judo. The World and European Championship medals, grand slam titles and Commonwealth Games win to finish my competitive career weren't even on my radar.

All I knew at that point was I was doing a sport that I loved, having lots of fun, and that I was desperate to get to this thing called the Olympic Games that everyone was always talking about.

Looking back it's probably not a surprise that I didn't know exactly what I wanted to achieve in judo. In fact many people would have told you at any number of stages throughout my career that it was unlikely for me to win anything very much.

I wasn't enormously talented, or confident, or strong. What I did have was a passion for the sport and an unquenchable drive to improve. And I suppose that combination can take you a long way, even if it did take a long time!

Over the following weeks I will be giving you a unique insight into what it took for me to go from that shy, retiring six year old, through to a pretty unexceptional teenage judoka, to someone who stood on the top of international rostrums, defeating world and Olympic champions on the way to Grand Slam gold.

I will break down the gripping, preparation, attack system and newaza that I built my judo around and show you how, by taking care of the basics, you can take your competitive judo to the next level.

Fighting Films' new Superstar Judo subscription site is the unrivalled platform where judoka young and old can learn, piece by piece, about the techniques, tactics and mental strategies that brought champions from run-of-the-mill starts to the pinnacle of the sport.

All of the footage is shot in stunning multi-angle format with the finer points picked out in slow motion and with comprehensive explanation so that none of the precious detail is lost.

I look forward to welcoming you onto the site soon.


Euan Burton MBE

Tokyo GS gold, Double World medallist

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