Superstar Judo is proud to bring you Georgian Judo, presented by two of their greatest fighters, both of whom are still competing on the International Judo Federation's World Circuit.

Over the next few months Avtandili Tchrikishvili and Varlam Liparteliani will quite simply blow you away with their incredible brand of judo. Everything you thought you understood about the sport is about to change, as Tchrikishvili and Liparteliani give you a remarkable insight into the judo that has proved so successful for them at world level.

Georgian Judo is renowned for being attacking, for each and every one of their fighters always going for Ippon. None more so that Tchrikishvili, who walks away disappointed from having won a fight by anything other Ippon.

This unique style of judo is a blend of their natural physicality, their background in traditional Georgian wrestling and their interpretation of classic judo.

It makes for a deadly combination of unorthodox and exciting techniques. 

Triple European Champion, triple World medallist, and 2016 Olympic medallist Liparteliani has spun Uchi mata on it's head. He first learnt Uchi mata, having watched Fighting Films DVDs featuring Japanese legend Kosei Inoue.

Although he could never master classical Uchi mata, Liparteliani developed an amazing system of grips, entries, changes of posture and angles of attack to make the technique work under any circumstances, and against any type of opponent.

Current world number one and 2014 World Champion Tchrikishvili has done the same thing with his Ura nage and switching hip technique, which ends with Uchi mata.

Despite still competing, neither of them hold anything back. They are in absolute top condition and give 100% in all of their competitive demonstrations. Having seen the full technique, you will see everything broken down step-by-step in multiple videos. The climax of most videos will show you how Tchrikishvili and Liparteliani make it work at the world's biggest competitions.

Fighting Films have had the privilege of working with many of the world's greatest judoka. We are continually amazed at the hundreds of different ways grips and techniques can be applied and adapted.

Liparteliani points out that every day at training he and Tchrikishvili always find one extra detail to bring into their game.

Georgian Judo truly will change the way you think about judo.


Danny Hicks

Director - Fighting Films

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