Judo is forever changing and evolving. It’s one of the things that makes judo so unique, and one of the reasons I love the sport so much.

I am lucky enough that my job takes me around the world to all of the top judo tournaments. At every event I attend I see something new; an unusual technique, unorthodox gripping, an interesting combination. The list goes on. Another thing that is of big interest is the strategies and game-plans employed by the world’s best fighters.

Now, for the first time, I have the chance to show you some of these techniques and strategies that are proving so successful at the highest level, in my new Analysis & Tactics slot on Fighting Films’ new Superstar Judo subscription site.

Analysis & Tactics will start with a week’s worth of sessions on the 2015 World Championships. I will look at those fighters and countries that were so dominant in Kazakhstan, and examine why.

Japan and Korea feature heavily after their strong performances in both the individual and team competitions. I will analyse the gripping these two Asian powerhouses were employing, as well as transition and lines of attack.

I will also take a look at some of the outstanding individual performances, like Slovenia’s new -63kg World Champion Tina Trstenjak and the incredible Teddy Riner of France, who broke the judo world record when he won his eighth world title.

What was it that made these fighters and these countries so successful in Kazakhstan? I pick a few key points that swung crucial contests – usually the final – in their favour. And then I analyse what they did, how they did it, and if their opponent’s had any answers.

The general format starts with me showing you the key points in the Fighting Films dojo with an uke, and is followed by some competition footage from the actual contest(s) in question.

After a week on the World Championships there will be a few additional videos at the weekend looking at the impressive performance of Japan's Naoshi Takato at the 2015 Paris Grand Slam. From then on the Analysis and Tactics slot will revert to a once a week showing at the weekend.

I will continue looking at the most recent competitions and the most recent trends. When it comes down to the ins and outs of a fight, what is the crucial factor that wins someone a gold medal at a Grand Prix, at a Grand Slam, at a World Championships?

All will be revealed. I look forward to you joining me on the mat for the first session.


Neil Adams MBE

World Champion, double Olympic silver medallist

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