Fighting Films is passionate about judo. We do judo and nothing else. Superstar Judo has been a long time in the making, but we think it's been the worth the wait. And we hope you agree with us!

Superstar Judo will no doubt improve your judo. With BRAND NEW, exclusive content EVERY DAY from the Superstars of world judo and over 300 existing FF videos from 7 judoka - who share 5 Olympic titles, 16 World titles and 18 continental titles - how could it not? Every Superstar reveals in depth and in detail all of their techniques and the secrets to their success. 

Monday - Friday will be technical content, while at weekends their where usually be some bonus content.

Shot from multiple angles, with ground-breaking slow motion cameras and in FF's dedicated 8m x 8m studio-dojo, judo has never been presented in this way. This really is what the judo world has been waiting for.

In addition to unlimited access to FF's entire coaching archive and all the new content, there are loads of features on the site. You can check out our recommended playlists, or create your own. Sharing content is easy, as is creating groups and bookmarking.

As the site is brand new there may be some things that don't work perfectly. But by the time the full subscription price kicks in in 2016 we hope to have ironed out any glitches, so please bear with us!

You will notice that we sometimes allow a very small amount of content to be viewed free. This it to promote the site and bring people in to see how great a platform Superstar Judo is. But we can assure all subscribers that they will always have unlimited and exclusive access to all content, plus full use of tools and functionality. 

Superstar Judo can and should be used by everyone. It will improve the judo of beginners, recreational judoka and elite fighters. It will inspire you, open your eyes to new and exciting ideas, and it will give you the edge over your opponents. Coaches can use this platform to get new ideas and to construct judo classes and sessions. 

Korean Judo kicks off the new daily content on Superstar Judo. Presented by the Ki-Young Jeon, Korea's Olympic and triple World Champion, this is a remarkable insight into the incredible success of the Korean men's team over the last ten years. At the 2015 World Championships Korea's men's team placed second to Japan, with two gold medals and two bronze medals.

After three weeks of Korean Judo, former British World Champion Neil Adams does a one week session reviewing the 2015 World Championships. Neil's Analysis and tactics sessions are a great chance to see the game-plans and techniques used by the current stars of world judo. After that it's back for the final two weeks of Korean Judo.

Here is the opening six week schedule for Superstar Judo:


Superstars to follow in the coming months will be GB's double World medallist Euan Burton, Germany's Olympic Champion Ole Bischof (which will mean 6 Olympic Champs on the site) and GB's triple Olympian Winston Gordon, with many more lined up in the near future. We also have loads of other new ideas and features planned, and we welcome your comments and feedback.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in Superstar Judo. You are joining at the start of something new and special to judo.

Every single subscriber makes a difference to us. It's only with your support that we are able to work with the world's best judoka. So if you like what you see, please spread the word, and help us to bring you more Superstars! 

Thank you,

Fighting Films


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